About Us

About Us
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Welcome to TELEMETRY project!

Cybersecurity via Trustworthy tools and methodologies is a crucial challenge for IoT ecosystems. TELEMETRY project aims to develop and validate novel Trustworthy tools and methods for testing and detecting security vulnerabilities in IoT devices and systems. The project is funded by the EU and involves partners from academia and research sectors, alongside with innovative private companies from the ICT, Telecoms and Consulting industries.

about us

What we do

Develop trustworthy tools, techniques and holistic methodologies for cybersecurity testing and vulnerability detection at both component and system level.

What we aim for

Support the creation and sustainability of resilient digital infrastructures, systems and processes through continuous vulnerability and risk analysis of IoT components and ecosystems.

Our Expectations

Determine methodologies for tools’ use, individually, together, and alongside external third-party tools, to support the complete lifecycle of components & systems and for compliance with relevant certification standards

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George Triantafyllou

The vision of TELEMETRY is to propose a totally new perspective on secure interconnection of IoT devices when it comes down to security of hardware devices with included firmware, software and SBOMs, and underlying communication..